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CRM On Mobile is the world’s # 1 customer relationship management (CRM) and project management solution. Our Web-based CRM applications manages complete sales, project management, milestone tracking, billing and receiving payment with ease of use with Anytime, Anywhere access on Mobile also.

Just log in and start acquiring your customers with a whole new experience
and scale as you grow with elastic cloud application.

Why we are the Best!

Easy Company Creation

Creation of company from admin panel and configuring application look and feel as per your requirement enhance user experience.

Role Creation for Data Security

Data security is very important for any organization and we have taken special care for that with role creation, audit reports and access right given to user.

Tightly Integrated Business Process

All process staring from lead capturing to opportunity conversion and billing, then receiving payment from customer based on project milestones are tightly integrated with email, notification and payment gateway integration.

Single Communication Platform

Application provide 360 degree view of any project for top management, project manager and customer associated with them.

Features of CRM On Mobile

Admin Features


Create Paid and free plans for limited and unlimited duration (weekly, monthly) or any desired time of recurring plans. Can also create plan for Limited and Unlimited members based on card type (With card, Without card)


Creation of organizations from the admin section is intended to be used for payments you receive from other sources or if the user don't want to use subscriptions.

The Organizations consists of an admin user and his staff. The organizations can create companies and customers to interact.


Subscriptions allow you to charge an Organization on a recurring basis. So the organization will be charged at the end of the specified period for the plan they choose. You can change the subscription plan for any organization, or cancel the subscription entirely.


An issue tracking system (support ticket, request management or incident ticket system) is a feature in Mobile CRM that manages and maintains lists of issues, as needed by an organization.

Organization Features

When a user register with your CRM, they will get all features they expect in a standard CRM software. You can see list of features available with Mobile CRM below


To add a staff member to organization, you need to enter the Email Id, and invite the staff member to register (Invitation will be automatically sent to the given Email Id).


A lead is the first step in the process. Clients/customers/agents have indicated some interest in your company or its product, but you have no history of interaction with them.

Sales Team

Sales Team is assigned with certain targets of invoices and sales. This sales team block gives the actual sales in the current month and the target yet to be reached for a sales team. This gives clear analysis to the sales team regarding the target that has to be reached and the analysis of sales can also be done easily.


When the product information is explained to a customer and the positive response from a customer is regarded as an opportunity and all the details of opportunities can be listed for improving the sales of the product. The sales process can be clearly fixed for the future actions to be taken for improving sales.


For a product purchase a brief description of price can be given as a Quotation. The Quotation given can be saved by the quotation number and the date when it was issued and also to the sales person who issued the quotation and status of the quotation. The quotation has options to edit or delete and print the quotation of a product.


Sales Order gives the data regarding the sales like the name of the customer and the sales person concerned with sale and date of purchase with sale order number. It also shows the status of the sales order and it had options to delete or print whenever it is required.


It is a billing or payment, once Quotation or sales order gets confirmed by the customer (convert as invoice) then invoice will get generated. Based on payment log We can display paid invoice, open invoice and due invoice.


Calendar used to show the scheduled meeting to define when an appointment or activity is to occur. We can also update the meetings by changing the date and time. All the meetings created can be viewed on the calendar.

Customer Features

Customer of organization can login and use following features.


Customer can view the project status which is related to his company. Project Milestones based invoices and online payment on the customer portal.

Support Request

Support Request related to a project can be raised difrectly from customer portal and assigned to respective team menber for time sheet book for the projecty.


It is a billing or payment. It shows the invoices which are generated by organization. Customer can clear the invoices through stripe payments.

Email Communication

An email message is a text. Here customer can interact with all Staff and Customers related to the organization.


CRM On Mobile Built with


Pre-requisites of CRM On Mobile

You need to fulfil the following requirements before installing CRM On Mobile.

Server Requirements

CRM On Mobile is based on Laravel framework. Make sure that your server satisfies following requirements.

  • PHP >= 7.1
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • GD Extension
  • Fileinfo Extension
  • Composer

Also make sure that you configure your web-server.

Database details

Before installing make sure you have created a database and have the necessary connection details.

You need to enter them during the installation process.

Activated Stripe Account

CRM On Mobile uses stripe to accept payments and implement subscriptions. In order to receive the payments you should have an activated stripe account.

SMTP Details

In order to send mails you need to enter the smtp details.

Make sure you have them, or else no mails will be sent and the users won't be notified of certain events from the app.

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